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The “Purple Birds” soared last night, coming from behind beating the Pittsburg Steelers 23 – 20. Joe Flacco was very poised and played within himself to get the job done. I always knew he could. Now he has proven it. All the “naysayers” should finally get off his back and give him the credit he is due. This is a great win for the Ravens and should help propel them to continue to play at this level the rest of the year. The Ravens are more determined than ever and are now in a great position to win the AFC North. Look out for this team if they have home field advantage throughout the playoffs. You’ve been warned… Steeler Nation. Ravens Beat Steelers 23-20: Joe Flacco Finds Torrey Smith For Last-Minute Touchdown (VIDEO) http://www.huffingtonpost.comSee More


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Tough loss... but we had a great time!!!

Die Hard Ravens Fans... we bleed "purple."

Ravens loose another close one to the Steelers. There’s plenty blame to go around and the Ravens once again played a poor second half. But they still had chances to win this game. Flacco once again played poorly on the big stage, but he did make two good throws that should have been caught, but were dropped… one for a sure touchdown and the other for a 4th down conversion, with a little more than a minute left in the game. Althouh the officiating in the game was horrendous, they still had chances. The worse, was the holding call that was an aberation at best. The replay clearly showed, that was an excellent block and in no way was the player holding the guy. This was a crucial point in the game and was a momentum killer. Take that bad call away and the outcome would have been completly different. The Ravens should be use to it by now, because they always seem to be victims of extremely bad calls. But give the Steelers credit… they made plays when they had to. Our defense picked a very bad time to get beaten deep on a 3rd down and 19 yards to go. That was not suppose to happen, as Dewaun Landrey was responsible for over the top coverage on that side and just failed to get there. They made the plays when they needed to and we didn’t. Same old story… we loose again.

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Go Patriots!!!

Ray Lewis saves the day!!!